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TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield

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TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield
TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield
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TR4 S&W Shield
Custom-designed to fit the S&W Shield, this laser is the most technologically-advanced laser sight available for this popular pistol.
. Grip-Touch Activation
. Ultra-bright 635nm red laser
. 5 Year ArmaShieldTM Warranty


630-650nm Red, 515-53-nm Green
<5mW CW
Beam Diameter:  <5mm
Beam Divergence:  <1.5mRad
Mode:  TEM00

Manufactured by:
ArmaLaser Inc.
5200 NW 43rd St., Suite 102-123
Gainesville, FL  32606
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Rating Armalaser TR4
this laser fit my Smith and Wesson Shield perfectly (easy install by anyone who can read). Finally got it to the shooting range yesterday 2/17/2018.As it is a CCW self defense weapon, I limited the first session to about 25 feet, on a cloudy day the red laser is easy to see in the daytime and it tore up the "Dirty bird "target as expected. For a defensive weapon I don't know how a pair of 68 year old eyes can acquire the intended target any faster than that single red dot out there. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone , especially the seniors--these older eyes love this thing.
  Reviewed by:   from Montgomery, PA. on 2/18/2018
Rating TR4
Did a lot of research before ordering this laser, comparing to various other brands. Installed in a couple of minutes, works great! Easy to dial in, has helped not only with aiming but with trigger technique. Ended up being cheaper than a couple of other lasers I was considering but definitely not cheap in quality. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida . on 8/14/2016
Rating Performed Great!
I bought this because I believe that in an emergency you don't have time to take steady aim. My wife and I tried it at the range today and were quite accurate using it for 'point and shoot.'. I do recommend the Armalaser TR4.
  Reviewed by:   from Calhoun, Georgia. on 6/4/2016
Rating S&W M&P laser
Fit, finish, customer care, top notch! I too had a problem with the laser coming on. I contacted customer care, and was treated very well. They shipped me a replacement laser which is working much better than the 1st one I received. I think my hands are very dry which causes a problem shorting the two contacts to activate the laser. I am very happy with my purchase, and would highly recommend deal with ArmaLaser! If only everyone out there could run their companies like ArmaLaser
  Reviewed by:   from Tennessee. on 3/18/2016
Rating Mr
I love this laser on my S&W Shield. It was easy to install and looks like it is part of the gun. Compact enough to use IWB carry. It is bright and extremely easy to turn on. Just pick up the gun and it is on. I have shot it about 200 rounds and it is more accurate than me. I like using it for dry fire trigger pull practice because you can see if you move the barrel real good. It was economical compared to some but not made cheap. Buy it, you will not be sorry !
  Reviewed by:   from Gainesville . on 3/3/2016