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TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield

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TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield
TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield
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TR4 S&W Shield
Custom-designed to fit the S&W Shield, this laser is the most technologically-advanced laser sight available for this popular pistol.
. Grip-Touch Activation
. Ultra-bright 635nm red laser
. 5 Year ArmaShieldTM Warranty


630-650nm Red, 515-53-nm Green
<5mW CW
Beam Diameter:  <5mm
Beam Divergence:  <1.5mRad
Mode:  TEM00

Manufactured by:
ArmaLaser Inc.
5200 NW 43rd St., Suite 102-123
Gainesville, FL  32606
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Rating TR4 TR4 RED Laser for S&W Shield
I am writing this review not only on the TR4 RED Laser for my S&W Shield, but also about the AMAZING Company ArmaLaser is and their Support Staff. First, I purchased the GTO Red Laser model for my S&W SD9 VE and had a few issues, with assistance from Customer Support - that we were not able to correct (my issue), they sent me a replacement GTO with a return label, then I had another issue and basically the GTO model was not a good fit for that weapon... I asked if I could swap out my GTO Model for the TR4, and with no questions asked, ArmaLaser made the swap and sent a return label for the GTO; they also told me that have a new model coming out soon specifically for my S&W SD9 VE... Now, as for the TR4 RED Laser for my S&W Shield, the product is AMAZING... the fit is perfect, it looks like it's built right into the weapon, I can turn it on and off whenever I feel, and the product is Plug & Play, it's sighted specifically for the weapon. I HIGHLY Recommend the Product and ArmaLaser... When you Buy from them, you are Buying with Confidence - in them as a company, and in their products...
  Reviewed by:   from Wellington, FL. on 3/25/2021
Rating Armalaser TR4
this laser fit my Smith and Wesson Shield perfectly (easy install by anyone who can read). Finally got it to the shooting range yesterday 2/17/2018.As it is a CCW self defense weapon, I limited the first session to about 25 feet, on a cloudy day the red laser is easy to see in the daytime and it tore up the "Dirty bird "target as expected. For a defensive weapon I don't know how a pair of 68 year old eyes can acquire the intended target any faster than that single red dot out there. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone , especially the seniors--these older eyes love this thing.
  Reviewed by:   from Montgomery, PA. on 2/18/2018
Rating TR4
Did a lot of research before ordering this laser, comparing to various other brands. Installed in a couple of minutes, works great! Easy to dial in, has helped not only with aiming but with trigger technique. Ended up being cheaper than a couple of other lasers I was considering but definitely not cheap in quality. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida . on 8/14/2016
Rating Performed Great!
I bought this because I believe that in an emergency you don't have time to take steady aim. My wife and I tried it at the range today and were quite accurate using it for 'point and shoot.'. I do recommend the Armalaser TR4.
  Reviewed by:   from Calhoun, Georgia. on 6/4/2016
Rating S&W M&P laser
Fit, finish, customer care, top notch! I too had a problem with the laser coming on. I contacted customer care, and was treated very well. They shipped me a replacement laser which is working much better than the 1st one I received. I think my hands are very dry which causes a problem shorting the two contacts to activate the laser. I am very happy with my purchase, and would highly recommend deal with ArmaLaser! If only everyone out there could run their companies like ArmaLaser
  Reviewed by:   from Tennessee. on 3/18/2016