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FLX42 Walther PPQ M2/PPX

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FLX42 Walther PPQ M2/PPX
FLX42 Walther PPQ M2/PPX
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After searching for the right/best laser for my M2, I was willing to pay whatever asked in order to have a laser that has all of the features that I need/want and none that I don't want. Fortunately, I paid less than I ever expected. Less than other brands that aren't as good. Pros: - I am more accurate using this laser than I've ever been with a pistol...ever - Lightweight - Accurate - Easy to adjust aim - Easy to change modes - Instant on without changing my grip (no buttons to push) - Strobe option - Low cost - Sales lady at the gun show was knowledgeable, patient, and NOT pushy - Non-bulky profile - No awkward-looking brand/logo on the side - Option to use a toggle switch or instant on Cons: - Uses regular screw driver instead of a hex wrench (stripping is more likely) - Profile isn't AS thin as other brands, so it isn't as sexy as some others
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas. on 2/10/2016