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TR27G SIG Sauer P365
Custom-designed to fit the 
SIG Sauer P365, the TR27 is the most technologically-advanced laser sight available for this popular pistol.
. Grip-Touch Activation 
. Ultra-bright 635nm red laser
. 5 Year ArmaShieldTM Warranty


630-650nm Red, 515-53-nm Green
<5mW CW
Beam Diameter:  <5mm
Beam Divergence:  <1.5mRad
Mode:  TEM00

Manufactured by: 
ArmaLaser Inc.
5200 NW 43rd St., Suite 102-123
Gainesville, FL  32606
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Rating TR27G
This is my third Armalaser, so I am obviously a fan. I have one for my SIG P938, one for my Ruger LCR and now one for my SIG P365. I can easily see the green laser at 30 feet at my gun range. The windage screw was malfunctioning on my most recent laser - but the Customer Service at Armalaser was phenomenal. I had a replacement laser from them in two days and a return envelope for the defective unit.
  Reviewed by:   from Space Coast, FL. on 11/24/2020
Rating Excellent
I've been buying lasers for about a year trying to find one that conveniently accommodates my EDC needs. I even tried some really cheap ones thinking maybe one of them got it right. Here's the bottom line-I am completely satisfied with the TR27G. First time on range practicing draw from holster I was amazed by how fast and reliably it goes to "on". Often the button-on-the-grip lasers do not light or are slow to "on" when you're on target because the button gets aligned into the space of the finger joint, but that's not a problem here. It ALWAYS lights. I've also trained to finger the button on rail mounted lasers, but that is very clumsy and can momentarily push the sight-pict off target (for me to the left) in a fast draw situation. The TR makes "on" part of the draw grip with no need for developing yet another muscle memory feature. I use both a red dot and a laser and this TR pulls my setup together - I will buy another. Plus it's bright! The only drawback is the screw-down battery cover. Aging eyes and tiny screws like to disagree. If you are looking for a laser, start here.
  Reviewed by:   from WAUKESHA. on 7/12/2020
Rating TRG27G
Although I received a laser that wouldn't hold zero, after emailing Armalaser, they found that they had a batch with weak springs, from one of their vendors. They made it right. I really like that when I pull the trigger, my finger doesn't rub, like on one of their competitors, and it has a larger dot, which is faster to pick up. Highly recommend!
  Reviewed by:   from Fond du Lac< WI. on 1/26/2020
Rating 1SG (Ret)
Good fit, works as advertised. Not crazy about the master switch operation.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 10/20/2019
Rating My first ArmaLaser but not my last
I have several laser sights from another company that cost twice as much. Even though I have only had this laser sight for about a week and have only used it once at the range to zero it, I like it very much. It was very easy to install on my Sig P365. One note of interest - when making adjustments to the sight, I was confused as to which way to turn the adjustment screws. The instructions show which direction to turn them. I understood this to mean direction to turn to move point of impact. If you read carefully, the illustration is for moving the LASER DOT not the point of impact. Moving the DOT in one direction will result in the point of bullet impact changing in the opposite direction. I discovered this after making several adjustments. Once zeroed, it stayed zeroed for about 100 rounds. Having the sensor under the trigger guard forces you to have a high grip hold, which is good. I would recommend this laser to anyone.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 7/27/2019